Meet Me

Welcome to the Cookbook Diva blog. My name is Debra and I love cookbooks. So it seems natural for me to create this blog. I got my first cookbook when I was about ten. It was a Betty Crocker black and white paperback that I spent hours reading through wondering when I’d be old enough to make those recipes. My mom wasn’t an adventurous cook. She made cookies from those logs of dough in the refrigerated section of the grocery store and cakes came from box mixes. But Mom has always been a good cook and always made sure I had a good breakfast to start my day and she had dinner on the table every night for us.

It looks like my love of cookbooks goes back to that Betty Crocker book, which is long gone after years of reading it from cover to cover and making many of its recipes until the book finally fell apart. But don’t worry. There have been plenty of cookbooks to replace it over the years.

These days I cook in my kitchen here in southwestern Connecticut for my husband, friends, family and our two Shih-Tzus, Susie & Billy (they often find themselves on the receiving ends of some of my recipes – but don’t tell their vet that). Our kitchen is my favorite room in my house. It’s perfect and has been designed just for me. It opens to our family room, where I keep all my cookbooks.

This is a good place to say that I am not an expert cook/baker. Nor am I a professional cookbook critic. I haven’t been to culinary school and I didn’t grow up with the Food Network. Julia Child and Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) were two very early influences of mine. I guess I can credit them for my adventurous attitude in the kitchen (drop a chicken, pick it up, wipe it off then have a glass or two of wine. Okay, I don’t do that. Seriously). While I would love everything to turn out perfect in the kitchen, it doesn’t always happen even when I have a cookbook by my side.

What you’ll find here at the Cookbook Diva is an ongoing discussion of cookbooks, my experience of using them to prepare meals & desserts – the good, the bad and the “what was I thinking?”. There will be no sugar coating here, only the truth and there will be pictures to prove it. (While we’re on the subject of pictures, I’m not an experienced food stylist or photographer. So be kind when judging my photos. Please.)

I hope you enjoy visit to my blog. I hope you will post a comment, join in the conversation and share your favorite recipes and cookbooks.

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