Three Questions for the Diva

Blogging is more than about just writing and taking pictures. It’s about taking chances, leaping into the unknown and having enough faith that in the end it all works out. Just like life, a blog that isn’t open to change can never grow and flourish. So it is with that belief I am tipping my toes into the deep waters of making videos. Okay, it’s more like just diving into the deep, deep waters without a life jacket since I haven’t figured out how to edit yet. What this means is that this video (my first EVER) is unedited. Pretty much, it is what it is. Hopefully over time I will get better which means my videos will get better. Fingers crossed.

I am participating in the Monday Mingle hosted by She decides on three questions participating bloggers will answer during their video. I hope I got the right questions. 🙂 After you watch the video, please visit Jennifer’s site to have a look around. I’m sure she’d be happy if you visit.

Again, watch this video at your own risk. 🙂

The Cookbook Diva


11 thoughts on “Three Questions for the Diva

  1. Hi Debra! I am so, so happy you joined in!

    I’m from California and you had me laughing out loud at the bad after the good (earthquakes, etc.). We do have some wonderful restaurants too…and oh yes, Napa Valley is fun 🙂

    Oh, people who always think they are right really annoy me too!

    Good choice of the sitcom! I love Everybody loves Raymond, and I remember that scene!

    You did an awesome job on your first video – I hope you’ll come back and mingle again! It really does get easier, but honestly, you are a natural 🙂

  2. I watched that show all the time but I don’t remember that episode. Sounds funny. That was a funny show! You are very cute. I hope to see you again.

  3. Hi Paula, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. That particular episode usually is on around Thanksgiving, so look for it later this year. It’s sooo funny. And hopefully, I will be doing more videos. I hope you’ll come back to visit.

  4. Would never have guessed that was your first video. You did a wonderful job! You should definitely keep doing videos.

    It definitely sounds like it would be good to have California next to you and not wear you actually live. 🙂

  5. Hi Cookbook diva!! Wonderful video! New peeps are ALWAYS welcome around here! Yu did a good job! I hope yu will be back. I havent seen that episode of Everyone loves Raymond but it sounds hilarious!
    I LOVE your accent. I bet yur living on East Coast…somewhere near Philadelphia PA perhaps?
    Anyhoo…i hope yu have a good week and I hope to see yu next week on the mingling!!!

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