Cranberry-Eggnog Pound Cakes

How many more days until Christmas? We’re in the homestretch which means we’re racing against the clock. So I’ve decided to share with you one of my favorite, go-to desserts that you can whip up on very short notice. And your friends or guests will never know how easy it was.

What you’ll need you probably already have on hand. If not, a quick stop at the grocery store is all you need. And I do mean quick.

I simply adapt a pound cake mix to make it a little more festive. The substitution is very simple, I trade out the water or milk with eggnog. Then I add a couple of things. The first thing I add is chopped fresh cranberries and a dash of vanilla. Bake. A little powdered sugar and I have a very impressive yet extremely tasty dessert that looks like I spent hours baking. The reality is that if you’re just using one box, the amount of time is very short.

To be honest here, this recipe is truly a seat-of-the-pants recipe. I don’t have a specific amount of cranberries I put it, I just look and judge. I don’t have a specific amount of vanilla I add, it’s just a short pour into the mixing bowl. And I really don’t know how many mini-cakes I get out of one box because I’ve never used just one box. When I use the three boxes I got about 28-30 mini-cakes. You can make one large bundt cake and then follow the instructions for baking on the back of the box.

Yes, my recipe isn’t perfect for sharing but it’s so darn delicious and if you can bake cupcakes you can handle this. I know you can. Give it a try.

What do you you need? A box of pound cake mix ( I used three since I was making a whole lot of these little guys), a couple packages of cranberries (if you’re only using one box then you’ll just need one bag), butter, eggnog and eggs. And a dash of vanilla.

Chop cranberries.

Prepare batter according to instructions on box.

Add cranberries. How much is a judgement call. I just like to add enough for color. I don’t want the cake to be overwhelmed with cranberries bits.

You’re better is prepared and ready to fill your prepared pans. For my mini-bundt cakes I bake them in a 350 degree over for 21 minutes and they come out perfect. I let them cool on a rack before removing to cake boards. I’d wanted smaller boards, but this is the only size my local cake decorating store had. I covered with powdered sugar and filled the center with whole cranberries. I then wrapped with cellophane and tied with blue ribbon. I think they turned out very pretty and it was fun leaving them on my co-worker’s desks so when they arrived to work they had a little treat waiting for them.

Remember that if you’re in a pinch and you don’t want to arrive empty handed, try this recipe. I’m sure once you do it’ll be one of your go-to recipes also.

The Cookbook Diva


One thought on “Cranberry-Eggnog Pound Cakes

  1. What a wonderful recipe! And I love your step by step simple instructions! I most certainly will be following your blog and I hope you don’t mind if I ever try to recreate and feature some of these recipes for my own blog. 😀

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