Spring Chicken

Up until now my recipe for Spring Chicken has been a secret. You know, the secret-handshake, take to your grave kind of secret. But since I have this blog now I’ve decided I must share my recipes with the world. So, here’s my recipe for Spring Chicken and lets start with ingredients first.

– Chicken
– Warm spring day
– Lots of sunshine
– And a grill

Yep, that’s it. Right there is my recipe for Spring Chicken. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. Just the perfect day. πŸ™‚

There really isn’t a recipe. Just boneless chicken breasts on the grill, salad mix and a tomato, buttered noodles and I served it with the spinach I had leftover from last night. How easy was that? Very easy.

I’ve been waiting all winter to cook on the grill. I love it. I think that’s the only reason why I’d ever want to leave the northeast and move to California – outdoor kitchens. When HGTV has their specials on outdoor kitchens I’m sitting there drooling (lovely image, huh?) because I’d love to have that kind of set-up outdoors. But it’s not too shabby here so I am able to survive. I cook as much as I possibility can on the grill – from a baked potato to a roast beef to pasta on the side burner. This year I want to expand my horizons. One of the dishes I want to prepare on the grill is pizza. I’m dying to try that and whatever happens with the pizza I promise to share the adventure with you.

Until then, I have my Spring Chicken.

The Cookbook Diva


3 thoughts on “Spring Chicken

  1. This is a terrible thing to admit but I HATE to cook. Unfortunately, it’s like washing dishes — it seems to be a necessity. That’s why I love blogs like this one. You’ve already tried the recipes so when I make them I know it’s not going to be a dud. This is going to be my go-to for cooking. You’ve made it easy for me!


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