Easter Hostess Basket

Need a quick hostess gift idea for Easter and you don’t want to bring a plant? How about a custom made Easter basket filled with treats and coffee? I put this basket together with a few favorite items from my local grocery store and now it’s ready to go for Easter. One less thing to worry about for this upcoming weekend.

Lets start with the chocolate. Lindt bunnies and truffles.

Next is a little container of fruit slices.

Easter? Then you gotta have peeps.

The hostess has a Keurig so I thought I’d add some k-cups to the basket.

Rather than use grass I decided to use a pretty dish cloth to cover the tissue paper I used to fill the basket.

The basket. I think it’s pretty and feminine.

A few minutes later and I had what I think is a pretty gift that is perfect for any hostess.

Oops. I guess one truffle didn’t make it into the basket. 🙂

Have a happy Easter!

The Cookbook Diva


7 thoughts on “Easter Hostess Basket

  1. I’ve always brought hostess gifts whenever we go to someone’s house. Usually it’s something small, just a token but something I know she’ll like. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Thank you Mickey, the basket turned out better than the photos I posted. I was having lighting issues but I was short on time so I had to use what I shot. Hopefully my next set of photos will look better. Thanks for visiting!


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