My Two New Cooking Show Obsessions

A few months ago our local cable company replaced the Fine Living channel with the Cooking Channel. At first I was skeptical. Back-to-back episodes of Two Fat Ladies and repeats of Nigella ( I do love Nigella, but I want new episodes) didn’t exactly attract me. There was a lot of hype for this channel, a cooking channel by cooks for cooks. When I saw the program guide I was underwhelmed by the offerings.

That was until lately. And until I discovered two new shows that I luv, luv, luv.

Lets begin with the first.

French Food at Home with Laura Calder.

Laura Calder had a career in journalism before giving it up to study cooking and attended Ecole de Cuisine LaVareene in France. She is the author of French Food at Home and French Taste and a contributor to several publications. She wrote and hosted 78 episodes of the Food Network Canada series French Food at Home.

Watching this show is easy. Her manner is easy, her cooking style is easy and she seems to move effortlessly throughout the kitchen from stove to oven to fridge. The music at first was a little off-putting, I wasn’t used to it but now I realize how it goes hand-in-hand with her style. She is very at ease in front of the camera and doesn’t seem to have any awkward moments. You can see her French cooking school training in action as she prepares her dishes and she even commented once that cooking school was very strict and full of mean people.

I catch this show when I can and have been printing some of the recipes. I’m particularly interested in making rice the way the French people do – the lazy way. Hmm. There’s no measuring water to rice, just a pot of boiling water and the amount of rice you want and let it boil away until it’s tender. She likened it to making pasta.

This video clip is from the episode I watched tonight and I want to make these little round powder puffs. They look heavenly. What a perfect treat on a warm, spring afternoon.

In this clip, Laura discusses her show.

Extra Virgin with Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos

Debi Mazar has a passion for food and cooking. Gabriele Corcos is a food purist from the hills of Tuscany. Together they blend their cooking styles in their cooking show, Extra Virgin. The show was born from their popular online cooking series “Under the Tuscan Gun” in 2007. What I like about this show is how Debi and Gabriele relate to each other and to the food they create together. I marvel at their ability to work together, side by side. I am definitely a one-cook-in-the-kitchen kind of gal. I love my husband, but I think I’m too much of a control freak in the kitchen to cook with him. Or, anybody for that matter.

I like Debi’s vintage style and I love Gabriele’s Italian accent. Their kitchen is small and it proves that you don’t need a huge kitchen with all the bells and whistles (made out of stainless of course) to cook and bring your family together.

This is a clip from their online series, Under the Tuscan Gun.

Okay, I’ve shared two of my favorite cooking shows with you. Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite shows?

The Cookbook Diva


4 thoughts on “My Two New Cooking Show Obsessions

  1. I did not even realize fine living went away. Where have I been? I love to cook so I will record the shows you recommended.
    I love grilled cheese for dinner when it is late and when it’s cold!
    I am a new visitor and follower from Java’s!

  2. Hi Doreen,

    Fine Living went away in our market but I don’t know if it is really gone. I kinda miss it but I’m warming up to the Cooking Channel especially since the Food Network is turning into reality central – it’s kinda like MTV used to play music videos. 🙂 I like cooking shows not whining competitors who can’t cook but get to win prizes. Oops, this post has taken an unexpected turn. Back to the topic. If you love grilled cheese, then you have to try one of the recipes in Laura Werlin’s book. The one I tried was amazingly good. Perfect for dinner on a cold night.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Okay, I love cooking, but I will totally admit I haven’t given the Cooking Channel much of a chance–like you, when it started, it seemed to be mostly re-runs and I just wrote it off. I’m definitely going to have to check out the French cooking show, though.

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