Decadent Breakfast

When I saw the cover of Fine Cooking’s Breakfast Special issue I was immediately drawn to the cover’s image – French Toast Chocolate Sandwiches. Two of my favorite things combined for breakfast. It must be Christmas again.


We with recipe and ingredients in hand, I made this decadent breakfast dish. Let me share me share it with you.

Chocolate. Off to a good start.

Slices of white bread cut into triangles.

Eggs, half & half, butter, sugar and vanilla.

Beginning the batter. Eggs with sugar.

All of the ingredients combined and ready for the bread.

Soaking the bread thoroughly.

Cook bread on buttered griddle pan until golden brown on both sides. It’s lookin’ delicious already.

Remove triangles from pan, rest on paper towel lined plate. Top with chocolate then with another triangle of bread.

They’re so pretty. Golden and slightly crispy with gooey chocolate in the middle. What more could a girl ask for?

Up close. Can’t wait to taste!

Plated and dusted with confectioner’s sugar and ready to be eaten.

All done.

How was it, you ask? Delicious. However, I think this would be better on a brunch menu rather than a breakfast one. I found the chocolate a little too much, too heavy for first thing in the morning. It’s probably because I usually have a lighter breakfast. With that said, I found the recipe to be easy and if you’re having a brunch this dish will impress and deliver on taste. It’s unexpected and you’re guests will be wowed. Now that’s what you want when you entertain.

For the recipe, you’ll need to pick up this issue on your newsstand because this isn’t one of my recipes and I don’t reprint recipes I don’t have rights for.

Now, I have to go and plan a brunch so I can make this dish again. 🙂


The Cookbook Diva


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