Where Women Cook


Where Women Cook is a new publication from Stampington Press, the publishers of Where Women Create magazine. True to its brand, WWC is a beautiful magazine filled with pictures and the stories of women and the room that inspires their passions. WWC not only gives us a sneak peak into the kitchens of women across the country but also includes recipes, a few of which I intend to try. A few of these women featured in the magazine are home cooks, preparing meals for their families and friends. Others are cookbook authors, bloggers, business owners.

Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, graces the cover of the premiere issue. Ree started her blog one day while her husband had taken their four children with him to work on their ranch. Her first blog post in 2006 turned into a venture she never planned on, which includes a bestselling cookbook.

The kitchen has been called the heart of the home and for good reason. It’s the place where we feed our families, our friends and our souls. It’s where we’ve had important conversations, where we prepared for a celebration and where we’ve consoled a loved one in a time of crisis. Joy, comfort and memories have fill our kitchens.

Here’s a little bit of a teaser.

Robin Pearl Brown’s kitchen in Texas hill country.


Serena Thompson, of The Farm Chicks, shares her kitchen in Spokane, Washington.


Food Stylist Suzy Eaton shares her kitchen space in Ogden, Utah.


A collage of photos from writer MaryJane Butters of her farm.


Celeste Shaw, of Chaps Coffee Co. and Bake, shares her recipe for Sour Cream Lemon Pie.


I enjoyed reading this magazine. And I mean reading. I didn’t flip through the pages, glancing at photos and skimming paragraphs of text. This magazine made me slow down for a change. And couldn’t we all stand to do that every now and again? I look forward to the next issue of WCC.

I’m also looking forward to the next Cookbook Diva post so I better get back to my kitchen and whip something up.

The Cookbook Diva


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